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Our Principles:

“The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.” William Arthur Ward

Our focus is to empower leaders of today and tomorrow, provide learning examples, and redefine your views on medical leadership.

What do we talk about?

If you're listening to our podcast, we talk everything about leadership with an concentrated focus in Healthcare.

We want to change your lives for the better as you learn key management and leadership principles.

Stop letting your weakness define your leadership.  Take the first step toward leadership excellence and forge your leadership with us.

WHO SHOULD LISTEN?Seem-Impossible-Medtalks

We are confident that you will find pearls of wisdom whether you are a top executive (CEO, COO, CFO), brand new to leadership, or have a desire to be a leader.  For those of you who might not find themselves in a conventional healthcare leadership position, this podcast is for you.  All these leadership principles are also translatable to any given field, you are here if you are willing to learn.

We are going to be your mentors and teachers to help you identify  what kind of leader you are  and  learn how to grow into a better leader. We are not going to just talk about leadership, we are going to guide you to better leadership in life, work, and in general. Does that mean that we ourselves are perfect? No, we have taken our lumps and bruises. We want to help you avoid bruises and learn from other people's mistakes and success.

Do you know of anyone who can better themselves by listening?

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Can I use your Materials?:

This podcast and all the materials are free and we hope you share them.  Please leave our copyright on the documentation so that your not plagiarizing.

Dedicated toward improving your leadership

This podcast is going to help you be able to jump out of bed in the morning excited to make a difference in someone's life everyday by being an excellent leader.


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